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Liz Hurley has been turning heads on social media recently, with her outrageously sexy posts, which have sent her fans into overdrive.

The 52-year old, who features as Queen Helena Henstridge in The Royals, has been seducing her followers with a selection of raunchy outfits that would hypnotise anybody unto her command.

Hurley first caught they eye of viewers appearing as a model for Estée Lauder, when she was 29-years old. Now though, the beauty is more well known for her appearances in Gossip Girl and most recently, The Royals.

Hurley’s tweets haven’t gone without criticism however, with some calling her out for exposing her son to a sexualised image of his mother.

One wrote: “How does ur son feel when u post photos like this? Is it weird for him? Would really love to know the answers to those questions!”

He then followed it up by claiming the outfit was too revealing for her son to be exposed to, writing in reply to another user: “A very revealing swimsuit!”

The bikini-in-the-garden image isn’t simply an ego expanding exercise as some may think. Hurley is promoting her very own range of swimwear, which can be purchased on her website.

He caption “Someone has to do it” is a tongue-in-cheek way of justifying why she’s modelling the garments herself, as opposed to hiring a model.

Fans reacted in awe at the image, which shows Hurley’s incredible figure and huge bust beautifully hoisted, giving the very best definition.

This isn’t the first time the actress has posted saucy images, in fact over the past two weeks Liz has been very active, offering an inside scoop on her life behind the scenes – whilst modelling some of her range.

Take a look at our seductive gallery for the best of Liz Hurley’s heart-throbbing collection – as well as a stunning full-nude throwback.

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