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Big Brother’s Rylan Clark was left with no choice other choice but to step in after Kerry Katona was accused of slurring her words on the Big Brother spin-off show.

The mum-of-four appeared to be struggling to get her words out whilst appearing on the panel of the show last night (July 6).

Rylan questioned her on her speech, leading her to point to her cheek.

He was quick to point out to viewers that she had had some teeth removed earlier in the day.

The presenter announced: “Let me just say as well before you pipe up and say she’s doing a This Morning, she’s not.

She’s had a couple of teeth out today so don’t be piping up or I’ll have you.”

Clearly grateful for Rylan’s support, Kerry made light of the situation and joked: “So anyway Phillip.”

She was referring to her calamitous interview on This Morning eight years ago, when Phillip Schofield had to stop the interview to ask her if she was alright.

Kerry posted pictures of her removed teeth earlier in the day as she warned followers she wouldn’t be her normal self.

Seemingly anticipating what people would think, she asked fans not to judge her because, as she said, “I’m not drunk – I’ve just got a really, really bad mouth.”

The former singer also posted: “My mouth feels like It’s getting worse and worse!! I look like a hamster! Just want this pain to go away.”

Kerry has had a tough time of it of late, as she announced her split from husband George Kay last week.

Watch the clip yourself and make up your mind: