BBC’s hit new drama, In The Dark aired last night for the first time and the show has already worked up a huge fan base, with a number of people already believing they know who the killer is.

In The Dark broadcast on BBC One on Tuesday evening and follows detective Helen Weeks as she returns to her home town in Derbyshire to find out the husband of her best friend from school was the suspect of a murder enquiry as well as a kidnapping.

Week is played by the excellent MyAnna Buring, a Swedish-born actress, known for her roles in The Descent, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 and Part 2 and Ripper Street.

Despite appearing to visit home to support her friend, Linda Bates (Emma Fryer), Weeks was secretly carrying out her own investigation of the case.

Detective Weeks works alongside her boyfriend and fellow officer Paul Hopkins (Ben Batt). Upon working the case she discovers that Stephen Bates (Daniel Scott) could not be the killer and that someone else was responsible for the murders and the kidnapping.

Amongst the suspects were Linda’s son, gruff Polesford resident Bob Patterson (Mark Sheals), Gavin Sweeney (Kevin Sutton), as well as a number of other shifty-looking locals.

Many viewers took to social media to share their theories about who was the killer and child abductor as one person posted:

“#InTheDark reserving judgment they say you get the killer within first ten minutes.”

“Calling it: The true killer is sex god Gavin. #InTheDark,” said a second.

A third added: “Sex god the killer already looooooooooooooool  #InTheDark.”

Other viewers used the hour to try and get to grips with the characters and absorb as much information as possible, ready for next weeks instalment.


Along with searching for the murderer and kidnapper, viewers learned that Helen’s past was far from squeaky clean – which will be a distracting subplot of its own.

Weeks past showed up through flashbacks to herself and Linda as youngsters, as she looked at the case, hinting at some dark secrets locked away in her memory.

During one of the flashbacks, Helen was called out for being a bully, to suggest that she herself wasn’t always the best role-model to follow, but has since turned her life around.

To add to the intrigue, Helen even asked her friend if she still thought about ‘that event’ in their past, to which Linda replied “everyday”.

What did they do or see as girls that was too terrible for either of them to forget? – We can’t wait to find out!

In The Dark continues on BBC One Tuesdays at 9pm